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History and Tradition of Paella

The "Paella" was born in Valencia, located in Spain's east coastline. Its recipe consists of rice, saffron, garlic, Spanish paprika, chicken, seafood, etc., with lemon wedges to accentuate the flavor. The Paella traditionally is cooked over a burning fire using a large shallow pan known in Spanish as "paellera". It is served in a family style round table with the pan in the center and usually eaten straight from the pan. Each guest began eating from the perimeter of the Paella towards the center.

Redefining Paella Style

It's Personal

 We will work with you to

create a menu that fits your
taste and budget.

Signature Style

Exquisite food

Worldwide ingredients
Gracious service

Our Commitment

Locally sourced produce, with freshest and worldwide ingredients means food

that is exceptional in taste.

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