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Catering Policies


The basic catering quotation includes: Paella aluminum tray, plastic serving utensils, plates

(eco-friendly) and utensils (recyclable plastic). Unless quoted, chafing dish station is NOT included in total price. Regular or Stainless Steel chafing dish station can be quoted additionally, as well as: china, silverware, chairs, table, and tablecloth as well as friendly and experienced staff.

A Delivery / Pick-up / Travel fee will be applied if event is outside of Orlando, FL.


Guarantees on Number of Guests:

Food, beverage and add-on items charges per guest count will be based on the Client’s final guarantee. Final guest counts are due no later than one week before the date of the event.

If no final guest count is received, we will use the number of guests in the attached quotation.

If the guaranteed guest count falls below 75% of the quotation guest count, the price per guest may be increased. We will make every effort to accommodate any last minute increases in the guest count.

Staffing and Paella Onsite Catering Service:

If included in quote, staff will be dressed in casual attire (uniform t-shirt and jeans) unless you request something different (additional cost to be determined and agreed prior the event). Additional staffing will be included in quote for events of 50 or more guests as needed (1 staff

for every 50 guests). For Paella Onsite Catering Service, we require a ventilated covered area of

at least 8 feet x 8 feet. If unavailable, we need a space of 10 feet x 10 feet x 8 feet high to install a tent and prevent inconveniences against weather conditions; an additional charge will apply to this service.


Schedule included in this quotation will be determined with Client prior the event. If included in quote, staffing time starts from the agreed starting time, serving and until final cleanup of the Paella catering service. No additional staffing time has been considered in quote. Sometimes party schedules change and we understand that, however, overtime may be applied and is to be discussed with Client. No overtime will be incurred if catering is served in the agreed upon time.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

A deposit of 30% of the Total Quoted Amount is needed to confirm the booking of this event. Deposit refunds on cancellations are handled as follows –

  • Notice over 30 calendar days prior to event:..................full refund of deposit

  • Notice 15 to 29 calendar days prior to event:.................50% refund of deposit

  • Notice less than 14 calendar days prior to refund of deposit

Final Payment:

Final payment is due at the time of the event. However, Client will be billed for the overtime balance due within one week after the event, and it is due upon receipt. In case a payment is

not received at time of event or upon bill receipt, an additional 20% will be applied towards balance and customer is responsible for all collection fees and related costs.


Please notify your guests of the food to be served in case they are prone or suffer from any type of food allergies prior to the event. Consuming certain meats, poultry, pork, seafood, shellfish or gluten may increase risk of food borne illnesses, especially if having certain medical conditions.

In case staffing service is not provided, the Client must ensure that the food is kept within acceptable temperature prior serving.  QUE PAELLA, LLC is not to be held responsible or liable

for any food allergy or illness caused due to the consumption of our food, dessert or beverage during or after the event. Ingredients may be substituted at Chef’s discretion if unavailable for

an equal or better option.

Quote Acceptance, Deposit and Payment Methods:

Upon review and acceptance of the quotation and our catering policies, and to ensure booking of this event, please sign and return quote at the address indicated below or via email along with your deposit. You can make the deposit and final payment via check payable to QUE PAELLA, LLC (deposit check must be received within the 3 labor days after quote acceptance through regular mail or delivered in person), credit or debit card through SQUARE (deposit can be made through SQUARE by calling (407) 633-0205), via Zelle (using our email or phone), or trough PayPal ( TIPS are greatly appreciated but not required. Quotations are valid

only for 10 calendar days.

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